Gallop Ventures Teambuilding and Leadership Programs

One Stride at A Time

Join us for fun and discovery in a classroom like no other.  Gallop Ventures empowers individuals, groups, and teams through on-the-ground interactions with horses. Through guided interactions between students and horses, we explore not just who you think you are, we explore who you really are behind patterns and masks of effort and learned behavior. Tuning in to the rhythms of nature will focus your senses and broaden your awareness; it may even change the way you see the world and help you re-discover a a sense of joy and purpose.

Themes We Explore

Working with horses and nature, we focus on empowerment, connection, alignment, and power. The horses offer a mirror to illuminate our strengths and connect us with our authentic selves.  Their insights inspire and restore a sense of purpose and inner peace.  We also explore group and herd dynamics, communication patterns and styles, boundaries and body language, and collaborating with others.

Our Programs

We offer half-day and full-day retreats designed as fun team-building programs or for in-depth assessment and skills training.  Programs take place at one of our equine partner facilities.  The exercises allow the horses to engage “at liberty” to welcome us to their herd and are designed for anyone to participate from the comfort of their own two feet.
Please note: horseback riding is not what we do.

Who We Work With

Our ultimate goal is to support leaders and organizations who care about the world.  We want to inspire them, support them, and give them the tools they need to form genuine connection and lead from a place of strength. We aim to help these leaders create, sustain, and scale a beneficial impact in the world.


Past Participants

We host leaders and catalysts in sustainable food systems, environmental stewardship, regenerative farming and ranching, alternative energy, impact investing to name a few.
Past participants include:

  • Business Alliance for Local Living Economies
  • Food System Advocates
  • Future Farmers of American, Young Leaders Program, Half Moon Bay
  • Monterey Bay Aquarium
  • Next Generation Climate
  • The Packard Foundation’s Conservation & Science
  • Peninsula Open Space Trust
  • Puente Young Leaders Program
  • State Beneficial Bank
  • Women in Environment
  • Women in Educational Farms & Ranches