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Introducing Gallop Adventures, our new non profit organization!

Gallop Adventures is up and running! For some time we have been considering a non profit sister and it is now official! We have our 501c3 status with a mission to create healing and wholeness for children, adults, families and groups through our equine and nature based therapies. Our new status allows us to apply for grants and receive donations to support our work with children in need, women in transition, and other groups who might have limited means.

Gallop Ventures will continue to offer transformative, hands on learning opportunities for groups, organizations and corporations to facilitate broader awareness, better communication, and authentic leadership. Learn more about our Leadership offerings here. (this will link to the Leadership and Teambuilding Programs page, but we don’t have the content ready yet)


Equine Assisted Psychotherapy (EAP) is an alternative to traditional talk therapy. It involves natural interactions with horses for personal growth and healing. EAP is appropriate for the healing of trauma, depression, anxiety, and addiction, as well as other mental, emotional, behavioral and spiritual needs.



Nature provides us with valuable insight and reflection. It helps us to unplug, slow our pace, restore our energy and find balance. Come and experience our Therapeutic Hiking opportunities and our Nature Meditations.


Group Programs

We offer a range of after school and weekend programs for both youth and adult groups. Our groups address social skill development, offer leadership development and invite mindfulness practice.



Through on the ground activities with the horses, we focus on developing self awareness, improving our communication style, making better connection and discovering our authentic selves