Connecting with Nature…

Learning from Horses

Gallop Adventures, now located in both Eagle, Idaho and Pescadero, California, is a non profit organization providing a variety of Nature Based Therapies and specializing in Equine Assisted Psychotherapy. Our team of mental health professionals work with children, adults, couples and families to heal trauma and address other mental, emotional and behavioral challenges, including anxiety and depression.


Equine Assisted Psychotherapy (EAP) is an alternative to traditional talk therapy. It involves natural interactions with horses for personal growth and healing. EAP is appropriate for the healing of trauma, depression, anxiety, addiction and many other mental, emotional, behavioral and spiritual needs.



Nature provides us with valuable insight and reflection. It helps us to unplug from our high tech existence, slow our pace, restore our energy and find balance. Therapeutic Hiking offers a bilateral therapy that engages both sides of the brain and enhances mental clarity and promotes mental functioning.

Group Programs

Group programs are available both after school and on select weekends. Topics range from Youth Leadership and Social Skills to Nature Meditations and Immersion Experiences.  Our groups are designed for children and adults and offer an opportunity for new discovery and deeper connection.

Demo Days

We invite you to come and learn about our work by attending a demonstration day! This is a free event where you will be introduced to both our human and horse herd and experience first hand the benefits of working in nature and with horses.